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Hurt yourself this weekend?


If you get hurt doing yard work or building a deck, remember RICE! Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate! (Obviously, if you hear “pop” or “crack”, you need to get yourself checked out by x-ray.)

If your symptoms don’t get better or go away completely, you may need physical therapy intervention. With contusions (bruising) and swelling, dry needling and kinesologic tape can work wonders. With general muscle strains, physical therapists will assess your mobility (how well your specific joints are moving, as well as how your muscles/soft tissue are working with your movement).

Often we find muscle imbalances. We see this often in the young and in the older “weekend warriors! “ Muscle imbalances will also lead to chronic pain, so an injury that occurred during your weekend project could be a blessing in disguise, because as you get treatment the chances of you getting hurt more decrease.

Once a physical therapist figures out your muscle status (tight/loose/weak/strong) the “fun” part begins. Manual treatment (different types of massage, dry needling, etc.), coupled with corrective exercise we help you put your body back in optimal alignment so that your day to day movement and your high intensity movements are more fluid, and you are less likely to injure yourself during your weekend projects.


Cheryl Jeane is a physical therapist at Triton HealthCare, 8128 Florida Blvd, Denham Springs. For more information about dry needling or other physical therapy services and how these treatments may help you specifically, feel free to contact at 225225-791-8666 or

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