Your Health Journey

As we start with 2018, it seems like the general consensus is that it HAS to be better than 2017!  We had some major events hit us hard, which derailed most of us, with any type of wellness/fitness goals.  Comfort food was in – the quicker the better, sleeping was difficult – different beds, exercise for stress management was put on the back burner – where exercise due to necessity (tearing down and rebuilding) was often mandatory.  When those types of things happen, bad habits start surfacing.  (or resurfacing).  It is frustrating, and we feel bad on many levels.  I am here to tell you however, that you can start today making small choices, daily, and over time you will see a big difference.  This isn’t anything you all don’t know.  This is the same, if we are talking about losing weight, getting in shape, or just overall feeling better.  If you have pain, you will feel better if you concentrate on eating right, and moving.  Start with some gentle walking – tell yourself 5 min a day.  If you do more?  Great!  If you just do 5 min?  Great!  You have met your goal!  Gradually add in more.  It is easier to add in something, then to take something away.  Think about it – if you say “I am giving up sweets, white bread, ice cream, etc” that is all you can think about.  However, if you switch it and say “ I am going to make sure that I eat 3-5 servings of veggies a day” – you start thinking about vegetables, and thinking of ways to get them into your diet.  And, when you feel full, and satisfied, you don’t have room, or as much of a desire for the not so nutritious foods.  If you are completely overwhelmed  with starting an exercise program, do some gentle weight training.  Weight training will help you get stronger, and burns calories.  You can gain cardiovascular fitness with weight training, but you don’t gain much muscle with cardio training.  Find a buddy, or accountability partner.  One that uplifts you!  (We all have those who help us procrastinate – find one that keeps us on task!)  With social media, this can be someone close by, or even out of state.  If you have pain – does the movement make it worse?  If so, get yourself checked out.  If not – gently move, and gradually you will be able to do more, with less pain.  If you have pain in your joints, or pain directly after your program, reevaluate the program, something is not right for you right now. You may need to have the program checked out by a professional, or may just need to do something different right now. If you have muscle burning, or pain a day or so later, that just means that you pushed yourself to your limit (maybe a bit beyond, depending on how sore!), and that is normal.  If you are concerned about hurting yourself, or start with some pain, get yourself checked out sooner rather then later. It is much easier to correct something that has only been going on for a few days or a week, then it is something that has been going on for months.  Also – the sooner you get yourself fixed, the sooner you can return to your new healthier lifestyle choices – and the more engrained those habits are, the harder they are to break.  Here is to a Healthy 2018!  (For recipes search #wildlyhealthy2018 if you are interested.  – if this is ok Helen, use it, if not – don’t! ☺)