Level of Trust

-"This was by far the best treatment of almost any medical condition I've had. Cheryl listens first and works to find the right treatment- even if she has to do additional research. There is a level of trust (on both sides) that I've never had with any other PT. I recommend them regularly and will always reach out to them first when I need treatment."


-“The staff was very interested in my condition and they encouraged me to work with them in order to achieve improvement of my condition. I feel that they helped me and encouraged me to do my best and it helped me improve my advancement of getting more mobility and better speech.”

Total well-being

-“I traveled an hour each way to enjoy excellent care. Far beyond any I have every experienced from others. My issues were taken care of and I left with a feeling of total relaxation and well-being.”

Achievement of goals

-“Upon completion of my therapy I was able to start swimming and attending aerobic classes at the YMCA. I continue those now 3-4 times a week. I continue to lose weight and more importantly inches.

Comfortable atmosphere

-“This was the most comfortable atmosphere I’ve ever been in for therapy. Very above and beyond helpful therapist and staff.”

Treated like Royalty

-“Everyone in the clinic treated me like royalty. I was so pleased with the help I received. Although I am past 90 years of age, I do believe that it helped and I can walk better and feel better.